Miniature Statues

It is no wonder why our Miniature Bronze Statues are by far our most popular pieces. With their intricate detail and affordable price tag, they make a perfect gift to honor any law enforcement officer. While we may start with a wide variety of “basic” or “standard” sculpture designs or poses like the “Protector” (Officer hold the hand of a child) or the “Call to Duty” (kneeling officer w/ flag), of plainclothes detective, etc., etc., you may choose to further customize the statue (therefore, the generic name “Custom Cop”) from body (male,female, black,white, etc.) to make them left-handed, hair-styles (ladies), bald or long hair (men), glasses, etc.  Of course, you should expect that we would copy your uniform, short sleeves, long-sleeves & tie, hat styles, arm patches, rank, leather gear, even award pins and longevity bars or stripes, you name it.  It becomes a copy of you in your working uniform.  We craft a 2/3rds copy of your chest badge or star and so when you put all those options together, we’ve essentially made a portrait of you in bronze. The little statues are each hand-made according to your direction, so tell us what you’d like.  When you put all of that together on a nice walnut or marble base, it is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure.  This is probably why we’re the only ones to provide this service, and so, if you’re looking for the perfect retirement gift or very special award (or replica of an existing larger sculpture), allow a bunch of retired officers build something really unique for one of our own — you.

Hand-made, personally detailed, lost-wax casting, takes time, so please allow us 4 to even 6 weeks for the process.  If you need something a lot quicker, let us know so we can send out a “look-alike” for a presentation or retirement, then we’ll replace that one with the personal statue.  Your choice of mounting options and there’s no limit on the engraved brass plates that accompany the badge and statue.  Give us a call, OK?

View our Miniature Gallery to see the intricate details of these sculptures and all the available pieces to choose from.

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Popular Bronze Miniatures for Law Enforcement

Custom Cop

The “Custom Cop” was the very first bronze law enforcement miniature that we created and is the centerpiece of the entire line. Each bronze miniature depicts a uniformed officer, (whether city, county, state, federal or tribal), in the specific equipment, badges and patches that you wear. It’s not just another generic statue of “a cop” or “a deputy” – it’s designed to look like you!

Custom Cop

Call to Duty

The miniature version of our well know life-size bronze statue is a beautiful piece to present to survivors who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The “Call to Duty” bronze also makes a beautiful gift for any officer, as we all know what it means to lose a fellow comrade.

Call To Duty


The “Protector” captures that special bond between cops and kids. Based on the original monument created by founding artist Rodger M. Brodin in 1987, the “Protector” bronze miniature depicts an officer holding the hand of a small child. Like the “Custom Cop”, each Protector is customized with your uniform, your patches and badges, and your equipment.

This miniature reminds officers everywhere that while we sometimes play the role of an enforcer, at other times we are doctors, oftentimes parents, and once in awhile a friend, we are always a Protector.

The Protector


This miniature bronze is all done up in it’s dress uniform. The sculpture includes your choice of single or double breasted blouse, and all insignia. Send us a detailed photograph of your dress uniform and we promise to get every detail just right. While this statue was designed with a chief in mind, it also is appropriate for any other administrative position in which a dress blouse is worn such as a Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Directory of Public Safety, Inspector, Undersheriff, etc.

Please note that this sculpture does not include a weapon or any other standard equipment. If these are features you desire you should order the appropriate “Custom Cop” figure with proper insignia for the Chief.

The Chief

K-9 Handler

This bronze miniature is designed to honor those four-footed officers that deserve more than just a milkbone. The handler is a “Custom Cop” statue, and the K-9 comes in three versions in which to choose from: plain German Shepherd, German Shepherd with collar chain and badge, or German Shepherd with harness.

Please note that you can purchase just the K-9 version of this miniature bronze sculpture without the handler.

K-9 Handler


The “NARC” miniature makes a great piece to honor those who work the dangerous conditions those in the drug task force face on a daily basis. This bronze sculpture features the well known Narc “Raid Jacket” and comes with the following options:

  • Choice of long or short hair
  • Choice of bard headed or baseball cap
  • Choice of weapon – Revolver, Glock, or SIG
  • Choice of badge on chain/holder around neck or cloth badge patch on left side of chest


SWAT Sniper

The SWAT miniature is finally here! This miniature bronze sniper is featured in the prone position and taking careful aim with the custom-made “buzztail” rifle, complete with scope and bipod. The officer in this sculpture is dressed in tact suit, boots, and watch cap with an automatic and clips on the web-gear utility belt. An option to include the Unit Patch on one or both shoulders is also available.

Please note that additional versions of the SWAT Sniper in other real-life poses are also available.

Swat Sniper

The above bronze miniatures are some of our most popular and often requested, but definitely not the only miniatures we design and create! Below is a more complete list of all miniatures that are available in our law enforcement line up. For additional photos of all available options, please view our gallery. You can also download our product catalog for pricing and a complete list of options available.

Additional Police Miniatures
Trooper Crime Scene Investigator
FBI National Academy Texas Ranger
Female Investigator I,II K9
Motorcycle Cop Border Patrol
BDU Park Ranger
SWAT I,II Bagpiper
Canadian Custom Cop English Bobby
Male Investigator I, II, III Rooftop Sniper
Search and Rescue RCMP
Honor Guard Western Sheriff
Old Timer Portly Custom Cop
VFW & Legion Commanders T-Man
Centurion U.S. Soldier


Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us today at (800) 274-5194 and we would be happy to hear about your special request!