A Company Founded By Cops For Cops, By Firefighters for Firefighters…

In 1978, Brodin Studios began as a small company founded by two brothers, Neil Brodin, a Minneapolis Police Officer and, artist, Roger Brodin, in the third story of a warehouse, sitting just on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis. In 1982, they were joined by a third brother, John, a Sergeant with the MPD, about the time they were developing their first miniature statue for police officers, in what would become known as “The Law Enforcement Recognition Program.”   This miniature bronze sculpture became the Custom Cop.  Today hundreds of police departments, fire departments, and Federal Agencies have bronze miniatures and monuments created to honor Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue.  John and Neil, both Army Veterans, together with Rodger, a Marine Veteran, made sure that beautiful and meaningful sculpture was available also to honor our proud Military as well.  Today the company is owned and operated by Nick Christensen in Kimball, MN.  He started sculpting for Brodin Studios in 2003.  Our capabilities are endless – make sure you take a moment and browse through our photo galleries, check out some of our products, and please, just contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Experience & Reliability

Neil retired after 21 years on the department (1969 – 1990).  He was joined along the way by long-time life and business partner, Danielle Rodgers, herself a retired Deputy Sheriff with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (1978 – 1988).  In 1999, they moved to Litchfield, MN.  Sadly, after losing both brothers far too early in life (Rodger in 1995 and John), they were sole owners of Brodin Studios, but looking backwards over such a long history, they have combined the brother’s 15 years of military service, with the 61 years of law enforcement experience (Neil 21, John 30, Danny 10) together with now the total of 35 years (1978 to 2013) creating beautiful bronze sculpture, to be able to offer you a huge amount of experience that should assure anyone that they can be relied on to create the perfect sculpture for you, your project or even an officer’s Memorial.

Personal Service

Brodin Studios is dedicated to creating awards and sculptures of exceptional detail and great value to individuals in Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Military. Individuals in these fields deserve our gratitude and respect for what they do, and for whom they serve – everyday citizens of this country.  Our bronze sculptures and other products are one way we show our appreciation to those dedicated individuals who put their lives on the line and, tragically, sometimes have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Quality Workmanship

Brodin Studios always uses officers, firefighters and soldiers as the models for the style of sculpture we specialize in, realistic representation. When you pick up a Brodin bronze statue, it feels heavy in your hand – it’s cold to the touch, you know that you hold a thing of value, beauty and meaning.  Real bronze sculpted by hand in the USA.

Attention to Detail

Each of our sculptures uses the ancient “Lost Wax” process of hot bronze casting. This method ensures a level of detail and quality that is unsurpassed. It allows us to “customize” each sculpture for any department and every individual – with your uniform, your badges, your patches, and the equipment you wear, uniform or plain clothes, every statue of thousands “Unique.”

Rodger M. Brodin

Rodger M. Brodin was the original artist/sculptor for R.M., Brodin Studios, Inc., which he owned in conjunction with his brothers Neil and John. A Minneapolis native and life-long artist, Rodger was self-taught, and became well-known for his works using the “lost wax” method of hot bronze sculpture casting. He dabbled in a number of subject areas, completing portraits of famous and local individuals, both for private collections and public commissions. Rodger’s years of service as a U.S. Marine, obviously affected his artwork — he specialized in military figures, with great attention to detail. In 1995, Rodger left the Studios to devote more time to his family and pursue other artistic endeavors. Rodger tragically died in November of 1995 (at the young age of 55), leaving a wife, Rosemary, two small boys, Michael and Joe, and a legacy of magnificent bronze artwork.