Metal Fabrication

Besides creating bronze statues, Brodin Studios is also capable of fabricating using different types of metal.  The following pictures are examples of fabricating using steel and aluminum.

Bronze Memorial Firefighter Statue for Sun Prairie Fire & Rescue

Bronze firefighter memorial for Sun Prairie Fire and Rescue, WI to honor Fire Captain Cory Barr.

Firefighter Turnout Gear

We have just added Firefighter Turnout Gear to our firefighter miniature products.  The bronze turnout gear is 4″ tall and mounted on a walnut base.

Bronze Law Enforcement Statues

Custom 2/3 life-size Law Enforcement statues for the Freeport Village Police Department, NY.

Attention to Detail Is Our Focus

We recently were granted with the fortune of being interviewed and featured by Government Television Network.  They wanted to share the intricate details of our business with those in the law enforcement world.  Unfortunately in today’s world, it seems the number of cops getting killed on the job is increasing, and the need to remember […]

Custom Firefighter Winner

We want to thank everyone that stopped at our booth at the IAFC Conference.  The winner of the Custom Firefighter miniature is Battalion Chief Tim Rogers or the Baytown Fire Department.

Where Art Imitates Life

Brodin Studios produced this video back in the latter part of 2001, shortly after the unbelievable trajedy of September 11th of that year.  We intended it to be a video to show the necessity of the making of a memorial, we have concentrated our company work pretty much to serve the police and fire services.  We had begun […]

Buddy Bagley Statue

Statue created to honor Robert “Buddy” Bagley.  Located in Chesapeake, VA at the Chesapeake City Park near the Buddy Bagley Stage.

Delaware Memorial – Part 3

We have nothing to add at this point, other than to congratulate all those who worked to put the Delaware Memorial video together, you did a terrific job.  We were moved by it, brought tears to the eyes, we hope you were impressed as well.

Sgt Brian StGermain Memorial

Memorial created to honor Marine Sgt Brian StGermain.  This memorial is located in West Warwick, RI.

Delaware Memorial – Part 2

Part 2 of the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial captures the entire speech of Vice President Joe Biden. He speaks from the heart, as he has seen his share of tragedy and grief, and understands the somber mood of those gathered at a police Memorial, but now I am speaking from my experience as a police officer […]

New G-Woman Statue Available

We have created a second version of our 6″ bronze G-Woman statue.  This new version has a more modern look with Thompson sub-machine gun.

Delaware Memorial – Part 1

This video was made by the Delaware State Memorial and we at Brodin Studios are allowed to use it on our website for a number of reasons.  First, we played a small part in the production of the Memorial site itself with our creation of our “Call to Duty” bronze sculpture of a kneeling police officer […]

Bronze Llife-Size Football Helmet

Replica life-size bronze football helmet.  The custom patina on the helmet is made to resemble the older version of the Notre Dame helmet.

Vietnam Era Bronze Military Field Cross

We recently had the honor of reproducing a Vietnam Era life-size bronze Military Field Cross.  The first picture below shows the M-1 helmet mounted on top of the M16 rifle with bayonet.  The second picture shows the bronze life-size Jungle boots.  This particular monument is for the personal use of a retired Colonel to display […]

Herb Brooks Statue

Recently completed for the MN Wild Foundation was the larger-than-life Herb Brooks statue.  This statue honor the great hockey legend Herb Brooks.  It is located outside of the restaurant Herbies on the Park and the Excel Energy Center.  There is also a miniature version of the statue.

Tournament of Duty Golf Tournament

The Tournament of Duty Golf Tournament takes place Saturday, June 27 at Island Pine Golf Course in Atwater, MN.  This tournament has benefitted the Wounded Warrior Project since 2013.  This year Brodin Studios created the first place perpetual trophy for the tournament.

Bomb Disposal Robot

New product, a bomb disposal robot.  The bronze bomb disposal robot is 4″ wide and 3″ tall.  It comes mounted on our standard walnut base with a replica bronze badge and a brass engraved plate.  It can also come paired with the bomb squad technician.

Bronze Statue Restoration

            Overtime bronze statues tend to discolor from the outside elements.  Just recently we went to Holland, MI to restore their protector statue.  The first image shows the discoloration.  The second image shows after the statue has been sandblasted.  The last image shows the final restoration after the statue has […]

New FBI G-Woman/Investigator

New Product: a updated female investigator/FBI G-Woman.  The 6″ bronze female statue comes with or without the FBI armband mounted on a standard walnut base with a replica bronze department badge and brass engraved plate.

Bronze Custom Law Enforcement Miniatures

Our bronze custom Law Enforcement miniature statues make great retirement and recognition awards.  The 6″ bronze statue is completely custom to the law enforcement  department that is ordering.  The statue has the department’s uniform, equipment, badges, and patches.  The rank insignia, gender, and race are all options to further customize the statue.  Each statue is hand carved […]

8′ Bronze Tree

  Recently completed bronze 8′ tree.

Old Guard and T-Woman Bronze Miniatures

We recently have created two new bronze miniatures for our miniature line of products.  The first is the 6″ bronze Old Guard statue.  This statue comes completely custom with all the insignia, medals, and patches.  It can either be saluting or at attention.  The second is the 6″ bronze T-Woman statue.  The female U.S. Secret Service agent comes […]

Life-Size Bronze Saluting Soldier

Bronze life-size saluting soldier for the Farmington Area Veterans Memorial in Farmington, MN.  

Custom Bronze Awards

We specialize in creating custom bronze designs and awards.  These are two examples that we recently created.  The first example is for the True 2 the Blue Organization.  The second is a perpetual award for the San Diego Police Officers’ Association annual golf tournament.  

Life-size Honor Guard Memorial Statues

Bronze life-size Honor Guard memorial statues for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, FL.

Enlarged Bronze Logos, Emblems, and Badges

Recreate your logo, emblem, or badge in a larger scale.  Below are some examples of FOP logos that we have recreated.  The first example is the FOP for Muskegon, MI.  It is their FOP logo and their state emblem.  They are each 1 foot in diameter.  The second example is FOP Chicago Lodge #7.  This FOP logo is 3 […]

Bronze Spy Agent Statue

Bronze 6″ Spy Agent Statue.

Bomb Squad Miniature Statue

We have recently added a bomb squad figure to our miniature line of products.  The 6″ bronze bomb squad figure comes dressed in a full bomb suit.

International Union Of Elevator Constructors Memorial

International Union of Elevator Constructors Memorial just completed at the IUEC Headquarters in Columbia, Maryland.    

Ghillie Suit Sniper

A sniper in a ghillie suit is a new addition to our miniature line of products.  The statue is laying in the prone position while taking aim.  It comes mounted on a standard walnut base with a replica bronze badge and a brass engraved plate.

Wizard of Oz Project

Recently we have been working on a Wizard of Oz Project for Holland, Michigan.  The statues are to resemble the illustrations from the original story book by author L. Frank Baum.