Below you will see just a few references from various Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, and Military Organizations.  If you need additional references, simply contact us and we will be happy to oblige.  We have a very large biography including literally hundreds of large-statue Monuments and Memorials located throughout the United States. In addition, there are thousands of individual Police Officers, Firefighters, Soldiers, F.B.I. Special Agents that own personalized miniature sculptures that we cannot name for you, but, If you would like to see our work in person, contact us at 800-274-5194 and we will be happy to provide you with the location of Monuments and Memorials closest to you.  In addition, or as an alternative source of general information about what projects the Studios has been involved in over the past thirty-some years, we will gladly mail you a complete listing of all major projects completed by Brodin Studios from 1978 to the present.


Anoka Police Department, MN “Protector” (the very first one, the Original in 1987)

Yes, there had to be a first of all of our designs, but like most of what we have done for police and fire departments all these years, the inspiration and original concept was that of the commissioning department.  that was true in the small city of Anoka, Minnesota when Andy Revering was Chief there, he invisioned a statue that would portray the working police officer in the act of helping and being friendly with the people he served, especially young children, what most officers spend most of their time doing anyway and it should be shown to the public.  Andy went on to author and commission several others sculptures, notably the Sorenson WWII Medal of Honor life-size portrait Tribute (also in Anoka), “King” our first K-9 statue (Anoka’s first K-9 Shepherd) and many more.  So, it would be very helpful for you to give Andy a call, he is riding his horse in Tuscon in retirement, but he’ll talk you arm off if you give him the time.

Contact:  Chief Andy Revering (retired), Anoka PD, Minnesota

Huntington Manor, NY

Dedicated to all the firefighters of Huntington Manor F.D. who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty through their dedication and devotion to save life and property.  It is truly a beautiful and meaningful depiction of two firefighters in bronze and a wonderful granite wall behind, check out the photos.

Contact: Huntington Manor Fire Department, NY Vinnie Bifano

“Eastside Guardian” – Minneapolis, MN

The “Eastside Guardian” Community Project is a way to publicly acknowledge the outstanding job that the community’s police officers do every day, in the neighborhoods where we live and work. To this end, the “Eastside Guardian” Community Project Fundraising Committee has commissioned Brodin Studios to create a bronze sculpture that captures the pride, confidence and decency that the Eastside Minneapolis Community feels about the police officers that protect our homes, workplaces and neighborhoods.

Contact:Minneapolis Police Department, Chief Tim Dolan

Delaware State Law Enforcement Memorial

This is one beautiful Police Memorial if there could ever be such a thing.  Kevin McDerby, formerly a Delaware State Trooper, now a Chief of Police, was responsible for making his state’s Law Enforcement Memorial a reality.  Watch the video we have in “Stories” and call Kevin if you need any help or advice in putting together the very necessary tribute and Memorial to honor every Fallen Officer and Firefighter!!

Contact:  Chief Kevin McDerby, New Castle Police Department

Maplewood Police Department Memorial for Sgt. Joe Bergeron

How true, those last words of the reference above, the “Call to Duty” Memorial sculpture and a life-size low-relief sculpture of Sgt. Joe Bergeron dedicated on May 1st of this year (one year to the day that Joe was shot and killed), was a necessary tribute by his Maplewood Police Department and the community he served.  And, so it was done, thanks to the Chief and his officers and the many others who planned it, found the funding and unveiled it to those who care.

Chief David J. Thomalla Maplewood Police Department, MN.

“The Eagan Tribute to Service”

A small city in Minnesota, responded to an unspoken need to pay a tribute to those who serve: the Police Officers, the Firefighters and the Soldiers from their community who have for years protected the citizens of Eagan. So, a three life-size, sculpture was built in a circle design and dedicated in 2010 and again in 2011.  You must talk to Tom Mullen, Vietnam Veteran, local Legion Commander and former Director of the huge VA Medical Center in Minneapolis, because can help you get something done as he did here, even in the midst of the historical Great Recession.  Every project, it seems, needs one key person, this project had two.

Contact: Tom Mullon and the project Originator, Margo Danner

Polk County Law Enforcement Memorial

Sheriff Grady Judd has been in law enforcement for many, many years and when his new Polk County Facility was being built this last year, he pledged that everyone who came to visit him would have to walk past his fallen Deputies as the first two life-size bronze portraits of these heroes are mounted in the middle of the curving sidewalk leading to his front door.  Deputy Matt Williams and his K-9 “Diogi” and also Sgt. Ronnie Brown, both murdered on the job, are now honored as they greet folks as they enter the department.  Two more sculptures are in progress, Polk County, like so many larger departments have lost several killed on duty.  We think he’s doing a fine job, call him and tell him so.

contact:  Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff’s Office (Florida)

North St. Paul Portrait of Officer Rick Crittenden

Rick, a patrol officer for the small, surburban police department of North St. Paul, was called to an early morning domestic, a call every officer everywhere advises on by the thousands over a career, this time, however, he was attacked, assualted, his weapon taken that was used to kill him.  The family, friends and fellow officers together established a Memorial using a favorite photo of Rick walking hand in hand with his w 1/2 yr old granddaughter as the model for a life-size portrait that now stands on the corner near the department for all to see and mourn.  The size of the department, as is true of the one above, does not protect any officer, the job is the same everywhere.

Contact:  Officer Scott Swenson, North St. Paul PD (Minnesota)

Ocean City (Maryland) Firefighter 9-11 Tribute

One final reference, but there are many more.  This project was designed around the tragedy that befell our country in on September 11th, 2001 and a tribute to the many firefighters who lost their lives that day.  A single bronze firefighter, carrying a hose and in complete turn-out gear, stands on the edge of the ocean in Ocean City, Maryland.  It was unveiled at precisley 8:46 AM on 9/11/2008 and that says it all.

Contact:  Firefighter James Jester, Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company