Delaware Memorial – Part 1

This video was made by the Delaware State Memorial and we at Brodin Studios are allowed to use it on our website for a number of reasons.  First, we played a small part in the production of the Memorial site itself with our creation of our “Call to Duty” bronze sculpture of a kneeling police officer holding a folder American Flag that this Memorial has used as a kind of centerpiece to the Memorial.  It symbolizes, the sorrow and sadness that is felt by every surviving police officer partner, those closest to one of the fallen in their own department, of course, but this sculpture is positioned facing the dramatic black granite wall that is tragically engraved with 36 names of troopers, police officers and other law enforcement officers killed on duty in the great State of Delaware.  We are retired officers ourselves in our little company and so we are honored to have been asked to be part of this noble project and we hope that by displaying the drama of the unveiling and dedication ceremony in our website, that others who have suffered on-duty deaths in their own departments, big and small, can witness that it is, indeed, possible, to pay a proper respect through some form of Memorial display, maybe not as elaborate as this, but just as meaningful.

A second reason to show Delaware’s video on the internet is that the lead organizer and inspiration for this State Memorial, Chief Kevin McDerby of the New Castle Police Department, a former Delaware State Trooper, would want it to be seen by as many people as is possible.  We’re sure Kevin is ever hopeful that by placing his video on our little website, and other places, that perhaps, at least some small additional number of concerned people will see it and may even travel to Dover and see this beautiful and peaceful Memorial in person.  Hopefully, a greater awarness by the public in general will work toward fewer law enforcement officers having to pay the ultimate price across the country.

Other reasons, by the hundreds, we suspect, that this video and others like it should be seen by the public, is that the survivors of fallen Law Enforcement Officers, their family, their partners, fellow department personnel, and regular citizens of, in this case, the whole State of Delaware, would want it shown.  We are proud to have been involved in this Memorial and we would be willing to assist again if needed.  But, we are glad that there is no mention in the video of our company name nor the company that produced that magnificent granite wall; we all were just workers.  Many people worked hard and donated so much to help build this Memorial, and many have been publically named and thanked, as they should have been, but our names, individually or as a company is not the point.

Please, watch the entire production, it runs about 33 minutes, too long for youtube to carry as one video so we have broken it into three parts, this is the first part, just click on part 2 and 3 and sit back and watch and listen.  You’ll be impressed, we’re sure.  So, thank you for tuning in.


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