FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (3)Statue Restoration and Maintenance

We offer on-site bronze statue restoration and maintenance.  Maintenance can include statue cleaning, removal of discoloration and stains to the statue, or statue repair.  The processes of restoration include sand blasting, repatination, and clear coating to help restore the statue to its original coloring.


Monument Relocation

Sometimes a new building is erected or a new entrance is created and a statue needs to be moved to the new location.  We can travel to your location for removal and relocation of a monument.




Brodin Studios is capable of polishing various types of metals to a mirror finish or your preferred finish.  These metals include bronze, aluminum, steel, brass, and stainless steel.



Mold Making

Brodin Studios can make molds of your unique sculptures using various types of urethane and silicone rubbers.  The molds can then be used to recreate your sculpture in your preferred medium.



3D Molding/3D Scanning

Brodin Studios is able to scan an original sculpture or object to increase or decrease the size in a digital format.  We can modify or clean up any imperfections from the scanning process.  Brodin Studios can recreate 3D models from 2D images to be used for 3D printing or machining.