Bronze Statue Restoration

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Overtime bronze statues tend to discolor from the outside elements.  Just recently we went to Holland, MI to restore their protector statue.  The first image shows the discoloration.  The second image shows after the statue has been sandblasted.  The last image shows the final restoration after the statue has been recolored and clear coated.


  1. Dan Coyle says

    I wish the first photo had been shot in sunlight. How much time had elapsed between having been installed and needing to be resurfaced? Are there “blends” or properties that or more weather resistant than others? How much did the restoration cost?

    • The statue in the picture went thirteen years before it was restored. The amount of time it takes for a statue to discolor could vary depending on the climate of where the statue is located, what elements the statue is exposed to, and the amount of general cleaning that is performed on the statue. Our older statues used to have just a waxed finish to protect the statue. The wax will eventually deteriorate if not reapplied on a regular basis. Now our statues are sprayed with a clear coat to help preserve the color of the statue for a longer period of time. The discoloration to the statue does not affect the actual metal composition, it just oxidizes the color. The cost of a restoration can vary depending on the size and location of the statue. We do full onsite restorations.

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