Delaware Memorial – Part 2

Part 2 of the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial captures the entire speech of Vice President Joe Biden. He speaks from the heart, as he has seen his share of tragedy and grief, and understands the somber mood of those gathered at a police Memorial, but now I am speaking from my experience as a police officer when I congratulate the Vice President, who I’m sure gives speeches daily, that he seems to understand us; he stands in awe of what must be inside a police officer, a state trooper, a county deputy and others when he suggest that when they put on that side arm and pin on that star or badge, that they never know, they never know, if they’ll come home that night.  I’m sure you’ll feel much the same as I did when I first watched this section of the overall video.

Pull up the Part 3 and you’ll be moved all over again as you watch the parade of survivors approach the granite wall of names and place a rose at the wall, touch the name, an officer salutes and they are presented with a miniature replica and they walk away.

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