Old Guard and T-Woman Bronze Miniatures

We recently have created two new bronze miniatures for our miniature line of products.  The first is the 6″ bronze Old Guard statue.  This statue comes completely custom with all the insignia, medals, and patches.  It can either be saluting or at attention.  The second is the 6″ bronze T-Woman statue.  The female U.S. Secret Service agent comes dressed in a business suite with an Uzi, lapel pin, and sunglasses.

Old Guard 2 Old Guard 8T-Woman 1


  1. Elizabeth Baker says

    As a female FBI agent, the female statues are (to me) a little too “butch.” I do not wear aviator sunglasses. I prefer Ray Bans & they look less manly. Believe me, carrying a gun is plenty macho. haha Thank you for your time. I hope this feedback helps.

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