Cast Bronze Badge Replicas

Working from an actual badge, photograph, or clear photocopy we create an original replica of your badge in hard wax.  Our standard badge replicas are approximately 2/3 actual size but we can create smaller or larger replicas for you if you wish. Badges are personalized with your rank/name and badge number. These cast bronze badges can be mounted on marble paperweights or on a variety of different sized walnut plaques with an engraved plate. You can order them unmounted with the back finished flat or with a threaded rod for mounting.  The standard badge replicas are finished in an antique bronze patina.

Price: Standard size: $25

Personalized Options:

Choose among these Options to further Customize and personalize this specific statue.
Can be silver or gold plated for an additional charge.

Contact us on every order so together we may create for you a truly unique and beautiful art piece:

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