NAPO (National Association of Police Organizations) “TOP COP” Awards

The National Association of Police Organizations began their “TOP COP” program in 1994. It happened that they were holding their national convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota that year, and we met with them to present some ideas for the award. The idea was that nominations had to be made by a fellow law enforcement officer, and the committee would select the top 10 to be that year’s TOP COPS. They also selected an individual from each state to receive the “Honorable Mention” Award.

The “TOP COP” Award is a nickel-plated bronze figure of a male (7” tall) or female (6-1/2” tall) officer mounted on a polished black marble base. A nickel-plated bronze NAPO medallion is mounted on the front of the base, with the words “TOP COP” and the year laser-engraved below. The recipient’s name, department and image of their badge is laser-engraved into the back of the marble base.

The “Honorable Mention” Award is a 4” X 6” X ¾” thick polished black marble base, with a nickel-plated bronze NAPO medallion and the title of the award, the year, the recipient’s name and department laser-engraved in to the marble.

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