Optional Bases

Mounting Options:

  • Standard Walnut: 5×7 or 6×8 (Included)
  • Deluxe I: 8×10 Marbleized Wood with 6×8 Green Marble (Additional $50)
  • Deluxe II: 8×10 Walnut Base with 6×8 Marble (Additional $50)
  • Marble Pedestal: 3x3x4 Black Marble (Additional $50)
  • Marble: 4×7 Cream, Black, Green, or Brown (Additional $30)
  • Walnut Wallmount: 8×10 (Additional $50)
  • Walnut Pedestal : 3x3x4 (Additional $50)
  • Walnut State Cutout: (Additional $15)










Personalized Options:

Choose among these Options to further Customize and personalize this specific statue.
If there is something else you are interested in but don't see it let us know.

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