The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund “Distinguished Service Award”

The Distinguished Service Award is the top award presented by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Each year it is given to the individual or organization who has made “an exceptional and lasting contribution to the law enforcement profession.” The award consists of miniature replicas of the bronze lions (male, female and one set of two cubs) at the National Memorial in Washington, DC The lions, along with a small section of the memorial wall (om which a quotation is engraved) and an engraved brass plate are mounted on a large painted ebony wooden base.

The recipients of the Distinguished Service Award are:

1996 Senator Claiborne, Pell Honorary chairman of the Memorial Fund

1997 The DuPont Company

1998 Congressman (ret) Mario Biaggi, Founder of the Memorial Fund

1999 John Walsh, Host of “America’s Most Wanted”

2000 United States Attorney General Janet Reno

2001 United States Mint Police

2002 President George Herbert Walker Bush

2003 Police Unity Tour

2004 Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell

2005 Motorola

2006 President Bill Clinton

2007 Cynthia Brown, Publisher, American Police Beat

2008 Congressman Steny Hoyer, House Minority Leader

2009 Vice-President Joseph Biden

2010 Target

2011 Dick Wolf

2012 Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director

2013 National Park Service and United States Park Police

2014 President George W. Bush

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