Zurah Shriner

The Shriner statue says a lot about this particular group of people who dedicate themselves to supporting children’s hospitals and to having a very good time doing it.  In some ways, we see those two atributes in most police officers, much of what they do is offered voluntarily, even though they’re paid, but they jump from the squad on their own initiative and go after the bad guy and they seem to enjoy doing what they do and so, the two groups are similar.  Who said that if you thoroughly enjoy what you do each day, you’ll never work a day in your life?  Brodin Studios creates statues for many professions and groups other than the three specific that we show here, namely, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue and the Military, and you won’t see those advertised on this website, but one exception is to show you the Shriner statue because of what we mentioned above.

Price: $215

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