Bronze Artwork

As an officer of the law, firefighter, or serviceman or woman, you have dedicated a life to service and protecting those in your communities. That deserves a sincere heartfelt thank you, hearty pat on the back, and a lifetime of respect. As a company run by cops, for cops – by firefighters for firefighters, we understand and can relate to the courage, bravery, and strength you have put forth. As a result, we make sure that each and every piece of art, from our bronze miniatures to our monuments, is a true tribute and honor to the work that you do. Many of our products are created by hand, utilizing the ancient lost wax process, and customized to give you that personalized feel that should come with every piece of artwork. We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and realistic detail, and we continue to offer works of art at prices that cops and firefighters can afford.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take some time to browse through our site and look at the various pieces that we design and create right here in our own studio. Check out our galleries to see photo after photo showcasing the stately monuments and memorials dedicated to various departments and organizations throughout the country. And simply see what others have to say.

bronze memorial for fallen police officer

Law Enforcement




For more information on any of the pieces we design and create, please contact us at 800-274-5194 or You can also visit our how to order page for specific ordering information.