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Brodin Studios produced this video back in the latter part of 2001, shortly after the unbelievable trajedy of September 11th of that year.  We intended it to be a video to show the necessity of the making of a memorial, we have concentrated our company work pretty much to serve the police and fire services.  We had begun an art company, got drawn into doing some realistic sculpture honoring police officers and firefighters with retirement statues and special awards and only got dragged into producing actual law enforcement and fire/rescue memorials.  Now it is nearly ten years later and even though we have publically said many times, that we never wanted to do Memorials, but the truth is that we are proud that we have been asked to participate and more satifsfied that we have found a design or a pose that apparently captures a lot of the emotion that every law enforcement officer and firefighter feels when one of their own is killed on the job.

The kneeling officer and later the kneeling firefighter position and pose was first designed by officers from the San Bernardino, California, Police Department when a single patrolman took photos of a partner in that particular pose holding a folded American Flag and asked us to sculpt it in bronze.  They named it “Call to Duty” and we have told them that we would credit their department for the many, many similar sculptures that we have done for departments across the country.  Thank you officers of San Bernardino, and we hope you guys stay safe.  We want you to know that we still carry an identical 2/3rds scale sculpture of your “Call to Duty” to shows around the country.  We will show it yet again as we travel to Salt Lake City in mid-August to participate in the FOP National Convention.  You’re all invited to attend, we mean officers from around the country, join the FOP if necessary, it’s a fine organization, we’re members, and we hope to see you there.

We have done other designs, of course, but this particular statue continues to stand out when a Memorial is needed.  View our simple video, and let us know what you think of our sculpture.  We’ve been in business now for more than 32 years, and we are humbled at your loyalty, thank you.  But of course, police and fire show up on most calls together, so we couldn’t have picked a better bunch of customers, we sell to one group and their buddies call, and in this case in particular, the customer IS ALWAYS RIGHT.  We agree.

Neil Brodin/Danielle Rodgers



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